Bank of America stated on Tuesday that they are going to “step away” from firms that make “assault weapons” for non-military users. The bullets from CNBC are vague on exactly what that means, but considering several of the big manufacturers are current BOA, this could mean a nasty shake-up.

The antis have found a rather insidious means to attack us by focusing on access to capital. I don’t doubt they were inspired by Operation Chokepoint. BOA may decide it can afford to lose its corporate and personal accounts from the pro-gun side. Wells Fargo has been holding steady against attacks so far. If they’re smart, WF could recoup a lot of the lost business it suffered from its fake account scandal last year by bringing in former BOA clients.

That’s fine in the short term. I’m concerned about the long term of these tactics. It’s another push to drive the gun community underground and make it seem disresputable.