I played hooky from work and took my mom to the range. Some tidbits:

  1. There was a bus from The Villages retirement community parked outside the range when we pulled up. That must be an interesting group activity.

2.Playing with the SIRT while teleworking helped my flinch. Now I’m going low and left.

3.Mom’s revolver started throwing keyholes about halfway through the session. Need to research that. It’s one of Taurus’s polymer revolvers, so I’m having all sorts of nasty suspicions.

  1. The range is trying out an “action shooting league” to try and cash in on the three-gun money. They’re starting with just pistol. There’s a match on Friday night. I’ll probably try that out. I’ve never done a competition, and almost all the professionals I know recommend it.

  2. The range had a Colt All American 2000 for $450. I was very tempted just to add it to my inventory. They also had a Boberg (whatever Bond Arms is calling it). That’s another I want to add as a novelty.

  3. Mom handed me a box of 20 gauge shells. You know what this means. I need to get a 20 gauge shotgun. Honestly, I wouldn’t say no to one of the new shorties.

  4. It seems the IMI generic ammo is no longer using the depleted uranium primers. I still have half a box of stuff my M&Ps refuse to fire.

  5. I am buying my niece, nephew, and mom electronic muffs. The ability to communicate is so worth the extra warmth.

  6. It’s been long enough since I’ve taken the kiddos shooting that we need to refamiliarization. Particularly since the boy is now taller than me. At thirteen.