1. Physical therapy is much easier to deal with when liberal amounts of Sabaton are applied.
  2. Facebook thinks I’m politically “very conservative.” This may come as a shock to some of my conservative friends who think I’m too liberal.
  3. I don’t know why my iTunes refuses to go past step 5 on syncing my phone. And google has not been much help either.
  4. Reading a bunch of resumes makes me glad that I don’t have a job that requires me to do that on a regular basis.
  5. That point of just finished being sick is almost as bad as being sick. I feel so much better that I think I should be able to do everything I was doing before, but not back to full strength, so I can’t.
  6. Trying to put something on my blog every day makes me appreciate the folks who manage to do that and keep a regular full time job that isn’t blogging.
  7. As much as I enjoy working from home, there are times that having my home workstation so close to my personal system provides too much temptation. Particularly when I finally figured out something for the story I’m working on.