The “parking lot shooting” is still dredging up the politicians hoping to use this to win elections or noteriety.

One of the Democratic candidates is demanding that the governor call a state of emergency

Al Sharpton tries to remain relevant by saying he’s coming to protest.

Hell, one of the local news stations now has an entire web page dedicated to bullshit about SYG

With this hitting at the five-year mark of Treyvon (and the new “documentary” airing), we are definitely getting the full-court press.

In other news, I got an email from Sen. Bill Nelson telling me that now anyone can make an undetectable 3D printed gun. The senator is apparently unaware that:

  1. I can make my own gun now.
  2. Printing guns isn’t as easy, and you really shouldn’t use a desktop printer for that.
  3. Even though the gun is plastic, not all of the parts would be. Especially this important part generally called bullets.

Over 450 people have had their guns seized thanks to the “Red Flag” bullshit passed by the legislation. Of no surprise to anyone, places not friendly to RKBA are issuing more RPOs than the rest of the state, and the system is being used against people on the flimsiest of pretenses.

At the big Rally in Tally, Erin Palette spoke. In addition to being one of my favorite podcast hosts, Erin’s the organizer of Operation Blazing Sword, which works to pair interested LGBTQ people to instructors for an introduction to firearms.