Since I was off on Monday, Shootin’ Buddy and me decided to hit the range. I needed to rotate the carry ammo any way.

Sunday night, The Fiancée and I headed to Walmart to pick up ammo and other items. The range ammo is some IWI shit that has primers made out of titanium or something. All I know is my rate of F2F’s is horrific using it. Of course, it’s Walmart, so it takes a while for the clerk to come to unlock the case. Then she has to see my ID. Good news, because of all the weight I’ve lost, I don’t look like my photo. Bad news is I don’t look like my photo. For a moment, I was wondering if I was going to be able to buy the ammo.

Heading home, The Fiancée and I discussed gun terminology. She knows very little about guns, and really doesn’t want to know much more. Just enough to understand what I’m saying. There was some confusion about why a revolver isn’t considered a semi-auto because a revolver fired one round with each squeeze of the trigger. We also discussed the difference between ball and JHP ammo, and why they were different prices.

Monday I picked up Shootin’ Buddy and we went to the range. We both ran my M&P for a bit before switching over to his Glock… damn, I forgot my Glock decoder ring. It’s one of the subcompact .45’s. Shootin’ Buddy prefers the bigger bullet. I remembered why I don’t like shooting small Glocks. I really dislike Glock Knuckle. Still, we had fun turning money into noise.

Then it was time to window shop. We looked at – and lusted over – the Ruger PC9. Especially the suppressed version the range was selling for $1,000 (including tax stamp!). I really think my next AR-style rifle will be a Sig MCX. I’m liking those more and more. Someone also picked up the All American 2000 out of the used case that I was eyeing the last time I went shooting.

Overall, not a bad way to spend a day off.