H&K Going Bankrupt?

According to the Military Times, Heckler & Koch is very close to bankruptcy. It’s bad enough that their auditing firm, KPMG, questioned whether the firm would be able to continue on beyond 2019.

For those of us in the gun blogosphere, we know H&K’s reputation towards civilian customers as “you suck and we hate you.” It looks like that neglect of the civilian market is going to come back and bite them.


  1. Companies that only sell to government agencies have a narrow range of customers. I can’t see why I’d miss H&K.

  2. I’d miss them if they disappeared. I do like some of their designs. I’m also hoping that if they go bankrupt, someone market-savvy picks them up.

  3. “Companies that only sell to government agencies…”

    Which company would that be?

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