I was listening to an interview with Stacy Abrams, and it’s interesting to hear the voter issues that progressive side are concerned about. Moreover, the ones the same issues that I agree with.

First and foremost are the voter roll purges. I’m still of the opinion that the only three reasons a person should come off of the voter rolls once they’ve registered is:

  1. The person is deceased.
  2. The person no longer resides in the state.
  3. The person is currently incarcerated.

That’s it. That’s the only reasons a registered voter should be removed.

I’ve also started thinking about what can alleviate the issues that both sides see to combat voter fraud and voter suppression. Part of that is looking at changing how we vote. First, I’m leaning to scrapping voting on a single day to voting for a week. I’m also partial to not being locked in to a specific precinct. However, for these to work, we also need strong voter ID laws. If you want to vote, you need an accepted ID. We have the databases that once the ID is scanned, the proper voter form is produced, and that ID is locked for the election cycle. For absentee, I’m thinking a pre-approval process for a secure website vote.

I know that there has been criticism on the other side for stationing police at voting sites. Honestly, unless we’re going to put citizens militias to guard the precincts, I don’t know how to make sure that voting laws are enforced, particularly those around voter intimidation and voter fraud. Perhaps the rule should be outside police forces are used. For example, Hillsborough County deputies monitor Pinellas county precincts.