The Washington Post has done some excellent investigative work about how we’ve been lied to for the last three administrations about the progress of the Afghanistan War.

Essentially, we’re not winning. We’re not even holding the line. The Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations were/are aware of that, even while telling the public that things were going great. We are making the same damned mistake that we made in Vietnam – staying in because we would look bad by losing. Worse, we’re killing our soldiers and their people by staying there. Love him or hate him, but John Kerry was right when he asked “How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?”

Some are complaining that these revelations haven’t had the impact that the Pentagon Papers had almost fifty years ago. Some of that is the fact that we aren’t the same nation. We know that our leaders lie to us. It also doesn’t help that this landed in the middle of the President Trump Reality Show (Impeachment Season 2).