No, I’m not there. Not sure if I would go if I could. I don’t do good in those kinds of crowds.

First, I will always recommend Guns, Holsters, and Gear’s exhaustive SHOT page for the latest and greatest.

Some thoughts:

It’s nice to see so many new revolvers. I like them from a nostalgic standpoint, even if I wouldn’t carry one. I don’t have the pull for the new Colt Python (especially not at that price point). I wish we were seeing more .22 revolvers. Yes, Taurus announced a new one, but I don’t trust their quality control. You never know if you are getting the greatest pistol ever or a danger to life and limb. (Yes, that’s hyperbole, but not much).

I’m kinda interested in Ruger’s Ruger-57 5.7mm pistol, and I wonder if it will set off a renewed interest in that cartridge. I’ll be honest, it’s not something I would carry, but it would be something I would keep in my safe for range trips.

I’m really interested in the S&W Shield 9EZ, but not for me. My mom really liked the 380EZ, and I want to see if she likes this one. Mostly because 9mm is a much better, more plentiful, and often cheaper cartridge.

Speaking of 9mm cartridges, I’m interested in Speer’s new Gold Dot. I’m using the standard Speer in my normal carry gun, but I’m thinking of these for my smaller M&P and my Sig P225.