On Saturday, I finally got to take my new pistols that I bought way back in March out to the range. With some of the money from the sale of my Tampa house I picked up a Ruger Lightweight Commander 1911 and a Steyr L9A1. I also managed to get my Beretta Tomcat fixed, so that came along.

I wanted to add a 1911 to my collection for a while, and the Ruger was so damn pretty. It didn’t hurt that it was on sale at the time. Even The Wife, who deeply dislikes guns, was impressed by the Ruger’s aesthetics. It shot like a 1911, smooth and crisp.

The Steyr was one of those guns that intrigued me since it was introduced to the market. The looks and the weird sights were very cool. Then I picked it up in the gun shop. The Steyr is one of the most ergonomically pleasing guns I’ve picked up. I’m glad it wasn’t at my gun shop when I went shopping for a replacement for my Sig so many years ago. Finding accessories for the Steyr is difficult now. Seven years ago? Ah well, it’s now the office gun.

The Beretta? Well, it shoots. It will hit. I can make nice little .32 caliber holes. I don’t particularly care to shoot more than a few magazines. It will not become a primary carry gun for me. It might make a decent BUG. Maybe. If I needed a last resort kind of thing.