Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away on Friday, September 18.

First, and most importantly, let me express my condolences to her family. Cancer fucking sucks, and it hurts to watch your loved one suffer. It hurts when they pass away, even if you might feel some relief that the suffering has ended. I hope the family holds on to happy memories of her in the days, weeks, and years to come.

Second, while I may have vehemently disagreed with RBG on her interpretations of law, I never doubted her as a suitable juror and legal mind. Everything I’ve read from her and about her reinforces my opinion that she was a capable and honorable opponent.

Like her close friend of many years, Anthony Scalia, RBG passes away during a contentious election year. I was listening to one of my politics podcast when I got the news. I suddenly felt as if what I was listening to was suddenly obsolete. The difference between now and 2016 is that the Republican party holds both the Senate and Presidency. They will get the chance to ram their nominee through. But should they?

From a constitutional standpoint, there’s nothing procedurally wrong. There is no wording prohibiting such action in situations where the incumbent president was not likely to win re-election. More so regarding when the Senate was expected to flip between party controls. I also don’t doubt that Democrats would do the same damn thing if they were in the exact same situation. They would just have the media showering them with adulation about their courage. To be fair, McConnell’s actions after Merrick Garland was nominated were more appalling to me. I am still of the opinion that Garland should have been at least given a hearing.

I’m also seeing a lot of nut-picking on my Book of Face feed. I know it’s nut picking when the same few crazy tweets are held up over and over again as representing the whole. I don’t think there are whole swaths of the left ready to go to civil war, or burn the place down. As much as I hate to say it, there will be violence. Some of it will be bad violence.

Which detracts from the legacy of a great woman.