Hard Truth #1: Trump Lost.

Biden won. I don’t like it, but that’s the result we have to deal with. There’s an old adage in military tactics of never reinforce defeat. We are wasting resources that we should be using to help out in the Georgia senate races.

Hard Truth #2: Voter Fraud Did Not Cause Trump To Lose.

Was there voter fraud? There’s always voter fraud. Was it material? Not according to Trump’s own lawyers once they get in front of a judge. You know, when they could be charged with little things like perjury and contempt.

Hard Truth #3: All These Attempts To Steal The Election Through Conspiracy Theories Is Morally Wrong.

Remember four years back, all of these conspiracy theories popped up on the left that the Russians stole the election for Trump. Do you remember how mad you were because all of these allegations were preventing your guy from doing all the things you wanted? Yeah. That’s how you sound right now. If anyone asks why I didn’t vote for Trump, what he’s doing right now is a big, flashing banner.

I’m sure that there are Machiavellians out there who think this is a good strategy. Even if you can’t win, you can tie things up. Make no mistake. This is fucking dangerous. Take the loss. Learn the lessons. Be better.