The Brother saw this in his feeds, and thought it was an interesting idea. We did the ten albums that shaped our musical tastes, so this is a good way to kind of describe our current musical tastes.

The Brother

Insomnium – melodic death metal

Recommended Album: Shadows of the Dying Sun

Disillusion – progressive metal

Recommended Album: The Liberation

Andy James – guitar-oriented instrumental rock

Recommended Album: Arrival

Clutch – rock

Recommended Album: Earth Rocker

Amorphis – heavy metal

Recommended Album: Skyforger

Bonus Pick: Amaranthe – pop metal


Sabaton – military history themed power metal

Recommended album: The Last Stand

Amaranthe – pop metal with female lead singer, clean male singer, and growly male singer

Recommended album: Massive Addictive

Mary’s Blood – Japanese, female fronted, power metal

Recommended album: Revenant

Black Stone Cherry – modern Southern rock

Recommended album: Folklore and Superstition

Beyond the Black – female-fronted power metal

Recommended Album: Lost In Forever

Bonus Pick: Garth Brooks – Nineties country and western legend

Recommended album: The Ultimate Hits