Disclosure: I met Sarah Hauptman way back in 2016 at the GRPC. I actually got to hang out with her for a quite a while. The funniest part was when she came over to where a bunch of us had congregated and said that my hat (S&W M&P) clearly said that this little group was probably “her people”. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed the podcast she does with her husband Guns Guide to Liberals. I also am the proud owner of a Phlster Flatpack for daily carrying of a tourniquet. (Are you carrying a tourniquet? Why not?) Some of this may have shaded my excitement over Phlster’s latest announcement.

First, watch this:

This is a big step forward in letting people carry in their normal clothing without the need for heavy gun belts or the normal accoutrements. This is particularly of note for women, because women’s clothes suck for concealed carry.

My only real complaint is that it’s set up for appendix carry only at the moment, and I’m not comfortable with AIWB carry.

Still, if this interests you, here’s a link to order one.