John Richardson over at [No Lawyers – Only Guns And Money]( is doing yeoman’s work on reporting. For those who don’t follow John’s work (shame on you), the NRA filed for bankruptcy protection for the explicit purpose of reorganizing as a Texas non-profit and evading New York’s investigation. Based on what I’m reading, let’s just say I’m highly skeptical this will work. I’m also highly skeptical that this will bring needed reforms to the NRA to make it more responsible to its members. You know, instead of the “Wayne LaPierre and Friends Slush Fund.”

John brilliantly notes that of all the creditors listed, William Brewer’s law firm (the firm that’s been “representing” the NRA against its various legal challenges) is absent. Now, I guess it would make sense that while under legal siege, you would prioritize making sure your lawyers are paid. However, much has been reported about Brewer’s cozy relationship with WLP, that I’m suspicious.