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Pretty soon, the Ward household will be a two-teleworker household again. The Wife’s former boss (and her favorite boss) recruited her for a new virtual position with his current company. Full telework and better pay. About the only downside is that because the office is based in New Jersey, we have to pay New Jersey taxes. I am oh so thrilled about handing over money to that government. Of course, the fun part was on the same day The Wife scheduled a meeting with her supervisor to hand in her notice, The Wife’s co-worker quit without notice. Her section lost its two most experienced people.

Meanwhile, I’m dealing with another issue at work. Let’s just say an upgrade went sideways and I’m stuck using web-based version of Office apps. Yeah. Not fun. Particularly when I have one of my big monthly reports due, and IT doesn’t seem to be very responsive to getting it fixed. Fortunately, my boss is very understanding. When she’s not busy laughing at my predicament.

The Wife’s cousin flew in from Washington State, so we have our first houseguest. Since we’re the ones in the family with the spare room. It should be interesting, as this will be the first time I’ve met this individual. It’s one thing to meet new family members. It’s another thing to meet new family members and then have them stay with you. This also means my exercise is being put on hold for the rest of the week. I fear the scale on Monday.

The rifle now has a Holosun red dot and magnifier, some generic BUIS’s, and a Streamlight mounted. Now I just need time/ammo/money to zero the dot. The Brother-In-Law is willing to go with me, but our weekends are looking busy for the next month or so. Maybe we can sneak off for a couple of hours. It still needs a name. I wonder if there’s a Czech version of Vera.

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  1. David Blackard

    May 20, 2021 at 7:20 am

    Ohh, nice sights. I need a bit more visual help and bought a Swampfox Kingslayer and am in the same predicament of needing time and consumables to get everything done.

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