How Long Have I Been Playing?

Last week, one of those FB memories popped up:

I’m playing Civ 6. I’m at war with the Russians, while Spain is at war with India. Two separate wars. However, due to the geography, there’s a block of about six to eight hexes where I’m fighting the Russian units while Indian and Spaniard forces are duking it out.

And what’s going through my mind?

How are the historians of this world going to describe this situation? The Battle of Two Wars?

Here’s the kicker. That memory was from five years ago. When I mentioned this to The Brother, he dutifully informed me that my current hour count on Civ 6 was over 4,000 hours.

To be fair, the current version of Civ 6 has a mostly passing resemblance to the version of Civ 6 that I’m currently playing.

But still…

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  1. Yeah, about hour totals. I really don’t want to look at the Total Time spent playing the online game that I started 6 years ago.

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