We had our first Thanksgiving at Ward Manor. The Wife and the SIL have decided that the holidays will be shared between our place and theirs. This year, we had Thanksgiving and we’ll go to their place for Christmas. Spurred on by her co-worker(s), the Thanksgiving decorations didn’t last more than a week before the barrage of Christmas decoration festooned the house. The Wife has all of her prior decorations, plus some that came over with MIL, plus a line item in the budget for purchasing more. I don’t fight it, I just kind of ride the wave and hope it passes over peacefully.

Thanksgiving was good. The family got to see the nanday parakeets that have been stopping by the bird feeder infrequently. We also managed to not have a ton of left overs in our fridge. I consider that a win. Over the long weekend, I did something that’s been incredibly rare around here. I actually got some work done on my fantasy novel. It’s nowhere near done, but it was just nice to get words down on paper (so to speak). Then I helped The Brother put together his new standing desk. It was nice to see someone get the benefit from the experiences I had when putting together three desks (one a standing) in the span of two months.

On a different note, The Wife hates to put gas in her car. To the point that the fuel light comes on. Sometimes I think she does that just to see the veins pop in my head. Anyways, I went to go put gas in her car. There’s a gas station a few miles down the road from the subdivision. The speed limit is supposed to be 45, but that only happened in the last couple of years. Most folks treat it as the 60 mph road it was and should be. Except for the person in front of me as I go to get gas. I swear, I found the only person from Texas who drives the limit.