Well, kinda. According to the USAToday article, it was more the insurers of the rump of Remington who agreed to shell out $73 million to the plaintiffs. This is the part of the article that worries me more:

As part of the settlement, Remington also agreed to allow the families to release documents they obtained during the lawsuit, including ones that show how the gunmaker marketed the weapon, said Joshua Koskoff, lead attorney representing the families, at Tuesday’s news conference.

Hockley said the families “can’t wait” to release the thousands of internal documents they obtained, which she said “paint a picture of a company that lost its way choosing more aggressive marketing campaigns for profit, with no thought to the impact.”

“From the beginning, it was not about money,” Koskoff said. “It was about getting answers, learning about these decisions.”

He added: “The linchpin of this settlement is that it allows these families the right to share the information as to what they learned.

The money is part of it, but they’re going to reap millions more worth of PR from how they “share” all of this discovery information with their willing partners in the corporate media. They’ve also poked a hole in the PLCAA, which does not bode well for the future.

I wonder if anyone over at the NSSF has considered the idea of a legal fund for the gun companies. Kind of like the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Fund. Everyone pays in and that fund is dedicated to fighting this kind of bullshit. Because make no mistake, there will be another to pay the Danegeld if they do not have their allies to support them.