While the rest of the world was shocked by the news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth, the Ward household was dealing with its own loss. We had to let go of our lovable Sphinx cat Titus. It would be a bit easier if it hadn’t come out of the blue. If it had been like some of our previous cats, where we knew they were in decline and we were just enjoying what time we had with them. No, it was bringing him in for a small issue and finding out there was a major problem. Then, having to make that very hard decision.

To call Titus amiable is understatement. The cat loved people and loved attention. He loved being on laps or snuggled next to someone. He loved to be held, which could be an issue considering he was a hefty boy. Yet, he loved the spotlight. Which is why he always got to meet Santa for pictures.

The first day I met Titus, I nicknamed him “Turkey Butt” because his butt end resembled a raw turkey. I don’t think The Wife ever forgave me when my friends used it. I reduced my usage over the years, but would occasionally call him that when he irked me.

Titus was one of the reasons we have always had a king-sized bed. He loved to snuggle with The Wife, attempt to snuggle with me, or just snuggle under his covers and be content with his humans. The bed seems emptier without him.

We will miss our dear, sweet Titus.