Over the weekend, the BIL and me went to the local gun show. It was mostly a chance for him and me to price out a couple of items (each) and just gawk.

For my two items, I was looking for a semi-auto 12-gauge and a .22 double-action revolver. I was really hoping someone had Mossberg’s new 940, but to no avail. I did see their 930 Tactical and a couple of Beretta’s 1301’s. As for the revolver? I’ve decided that even though they are cheaper, I can’t go with an LCR for my 22 revolver. I just can’t get a good grip on that gun. I’d really like an SP-101 in 22, but we’ll see what’s available when I finally have the cash.

The BIL was looking at some uppers for his AR pistol and some pump shotguns. The local gun store chain was running a special on a Maverick 88 for $300. Which honestly, wasn’t a bad deal for a budget shotgun. He was also looking for a .22 plinker, and was looking at a couple of GSG’s MP5 clones. Which, honestly, are also tempting for when/if the niece and nephew come to get their 22’s out of my gun safe. Or, I could just fix up the other ones in my safe like I’ve been saying I was going to.

As for other neat toys, I played with some CZs and a nifty B&T TP9. What was interesting was that I saw a couple of HK unicorns in the wild. One of the stands had the semi-auto version of the UMP sub gun. It was interesting, but what really caught my eye was someone selling an SLR-8. I’d never seen one in real life. I’ll admit to being intrigued. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I do not have the $2k they were asking.

I really wish one of the booths had a Just Right Carbine. Just so I can check the ergonomics of them. I’m tempted because they’re one of the few PCCs you can get that will take M&P mags.

I almost came home with a really pretty knife, but I have a hard time paying good money for something that’s just going to be displayed. If I buy a knife, I want to know that it will be used. Or at least, have the probability of being used. Or at least have the probability in my mind of being used.

All the fun at the gun show.