Let’s start with a bunch of Reason articles.

First, a discussion on how the real divide in how people are treated in regards to classified documents is less “left vs right” and more “important people and the peons.”

More fallout from closing schools – further declines in reading and math.

I’m just gonna quote the headline – Elizabeth Warren, Jamaal Bowman want to give Lina Khan the power to impose rent control on the whole country. Yeah, that will work. I’m also surprised – and somewhat unsurprised – how an activist wants to expand the power of the FTC into new areas. Particularly post-COVID.

This is technically from The Volokh Conspiracy, but they’re hosted over at Reason. It’s a dissection of the ruling that Florida can impose penalties on local politicos who flout state supremacy on gun control laws.

On the the theme of that last link, let’s continue with some gun-related news.

I’m using the Deadline article about Alec Baldwin and the armorer Hannah Reed being charged over the ‘Rust’ shooting. I know if the whip hand was in Baldwin’s hand, he’d probably be calling for the harshest penalties. Yet, I’m not sure if that’s in the best interest of all involved. I’m not sure how justice is best served in this.

I heard about this on the Assorted Caliber Podcast. The Heritage Foundation put together a visualization on defensive gun uses. Damn, those are a lot of dots.

A couple of quick hits on Amazon.

An article from reviewgeek.com about what the reviewer found when he bought a 16TB drive for less than $100. Yeah, it was a scam. Caveat Emptor. I found that out when I bought some cheap tourniquets. Fortunately not when a life was on the line, but when I tested one.

From NewsNation, Amazon is ending its Amazon Smiles program. I know a couple of organizations that got pretty decent change from that program.

A couple of entertainment related items.

From Tech Crunch, Hasbro has apparently been burnt by the backlash and put D&D under Creative Commons license. I’m not sure that it will recover from this debacle. It’s not like D&D has some IP that everyone wants to play – like Star Wars.

Speaking of Star Wars, according to We Got This Covered, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is going to play Hera Syndula on the new ‘Ahsoka’ show. Which I found interesting. What I found more interesting was that Winstead was married to Ewan McGregor.