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Violent Crime Up, But That’s Not A Reason to Panic

26 Sep
September 26, 2017

Reason has an article on the release of the new Uniform Crime Reports from the FBI.

My favorites parts from this:

“Adam Gelb, director of the Public Safety Performance Project at the Pew Charitable Trusts, pointed out that only five years since 1971 have had lower violent crime rates than 2016. In 2005 and 2006, the U.S. also experienced a similar two-year rise in violent crime. “There were dire warnings from police, only to have crime then continue to drop,” Gelb said.”


“John Pfaff, a professor at Fordham University Law School, cautioned that crime is a complex, geographically concentrated phenomena, and that it can’t simply be attributed to how many people are or aren’t being sent to prison.

He noted that Chicago, which has been experiencing an unprecedented spike in murders over the past several years, was responsible for about 20 percent of the national net increase in homicides. However, half of Chicago’s rise in murders were confined to five neighborhoods with 9 percent of the city’s population. “So in other words,” Pfaff said, “five neighborhoods in Chicago explain 10 percent of the national increase in homicide rates.””

Contrary to world stereotypes, America is still mostly peaceful – even while being having a heavily armed populace. Moreover, almost all of the violence is found in cities, particularly impoverished neighborhoods.

There aren’t any easy answers to helping those neighborhoods. Most likely, the solutions will require a multitude of approaches that will anger both of the major camps.

Going To Do My Civic Duty

27 Aug
August 27, 2017

I got something that I haven’t gotten for about fifteen years – a jury summons. It’s been even longer than that since I sat at the courthouse waiting to be called. That got me to thinking of what has changed in my thinking since the last time I sat in the pool.

1. I started carrying a gun on a regular basis. That alone has radically shifted my worldview, but then I attended trainings and started learning about the legalities of self defense – and the intricacies of the legal system.

2. I don’t have the automatic deference to police that my younger self had. Because of the powers that a police officer are granted, I’m more likely to hold them to a higher standard.

3. I don’t trust forensics as much as I used to. Some forensic tools, such as DNA testing, were developed through rigorous processes, and are generally reliable. Others, such as handwriting and hair analysis, were developed in crime labs, and are less reliable. Then there’s the small item of the numerous lab scandals.

4. I no longer expect the heroic prosecutors and scumbag defense attorneys. If anything, I don’t trust either side. Probably about as much as I trust MSNBC and Fox to present their cases.

And now I have to go through my EDC and start yanking out stuff that is not allowed at the courthouse. That may take a bit.

Active Shooter Training Video

04 Sep
September 4, 2016

I really wish my work had LU’s weapon policy. If wishes were horses…

This is excellent because it covers the key points of “Run, Hide, Fight.” It emphasizes that cops can’t be everywhere and YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN when the fecal matter impacts the turbine. 

The instructions to the concealed carrier were good, including emphasizing that you will be put into handcuffs and to comply with officers. 

H/t Sean Sorrentino

Friday Quote – 2/19/16

19 Feb
February 19, 2016

You can’t have too much ammunition unless you are on fire or trying to swim.

Jeff Cudwin, LEO who expended all of his rounds in a gunfight 

Friday Quote- 8/14/15

14 Aug
August 14, 2015

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself.

Dr. Richard Feynman

I Guess I’ll Stay With My Current Provider

27 Jul
July 27, 2015

I’ve been hearing ads for Simplisafe home security systems and thinking about switching to them when my current contract is up. Then this:

Unless you are a trained professional, don’t grab a weapon. This includes firearms, baseball bats and pepper spray. They all sound like a good idea, but again, we don’t know how the burglar will react to seeing an armed person. If they do have a weapon, they may be more likely to use it when they see you have one too. If you use pepper spray in an enclosed space, you and your family will also be affected by the pepper spray. If you use another weapon, such as a firearm and are not a trained professional, you run the risk of hurting yourself or a family member. And when a weapon is in your hand, you also run the risk of arriving police officers mistaking you for the intruder! 

So, we’re going to ignore the mountain of successful defensive gun uses (and other weapons) to spout worthless advice probably written by corporate lawyers afraid of being sued.

Do you know what my current company’s salesperson said when he saw my gun safe? “That’s cool! I’ve been thinking about getting my permit.” Plus, they had a booth at the NRAAM. They at least recognize who is buying their system and aren’t likely to insult us with such worthless advice.

So, Simplisafe, you have lost my business. End of story. 

H/t to Miguel

You Are On Your Own. Please Plan Accordingly.

24 Jul
July 24, 2015

In the past two months, we have had three high profile mass killings. Charleston, Chattanooga, and now Lafayette. It’s still early on Lafayette to have any real facts other than some people are dead, some are injured, and the news media is ecstatic with another bloody story to sell to the public. Yeah, I guess I’m getting a bit cynical. Expect the same byplay on the gun control stage with Bloomberg’s minions telling us that restricting guns in some way would have prevented this and our side saying if someone in the theater had been armed, it would have been over sooner. Facts tend to support the latter, but we’ll still have to play that dance out once again.

What do these incidents tell me? No where is safe. Have a plan. Expect to have to put that plan into effect in the worst possible conditions. Carry your damn guns. Carry your damn flashlights. 

My girlfriend showed me a prank video where people were in an elevator car. The lights would go out and this kid would climb out of a secret panel and act like a horror movie ghost. None of those people had even a pen light on them for when the lights went out. None of them had a plan for reacting when fecal matter impacts turbine. You could see the sheer panic in their reactions. 

We live in a dangerous world. An infinitely better world than that of our ancestors, but still a dangerous world. Not just from crime, but disease, injury, and failures in the complex systems that work in our lives. 

Please plan accordingly.

Edit: My brother has informed me that this post caused him to pick up a pocket flashlight. My work here is done.

At Least Some Justice in Biker Attack on Family

10 Jun
June 10, 2015

Do you remember this from a couple of years ago?

It was later found out that a couple of NYPD undercovers were part of the gang attacking the SUV.

From this story in the Wall Street Journal, both officers have been found guilty. 

Justice Maxwell Wiley found both defendants guilty of lesser charges of second-degree assault, coercion, and riot. Mr. Sims was additionally found guilty of attempted gang assault and attempted first-degree assault.

Both defendants had faced up to 25 years in prison had they been found guilty of the gang assault charge.

Sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 5 for Mr. Braszczok and Aug. 6 for Mr. Sims. Mr. Sims now faces 3-1/2 to 15 years, while Mr. Braszczok faces 2 to 7 years, prosecutors said.

Perception Is A Funny Thing

05 Jun
June 5, 2015

So, I’m at the gas station for my weekly fill-up. As usual, I’m doing my normal pan-and-scan of my surroundings. 

Then, I see motion and my mind says “OSTRICH!” It wasn’t. Just some lady who was picking her gas cap off the top of the pump. 

It’s a funny story, but what if my mind had screamed “ATTACK!” instead of a zoo animal? I don’t know if I have the perfect answer, but it’s something I’m going to be working on.

Paris and Texas

04 May
May 4, 2015

Two bad guys roll up on a Mohammed drawing contest and open fire. Both of them are now room temperature. (Edit: I have been advised that it should be ambient temperature, not room temperature since the baddies were left outside to wait for EOD.) Unlike the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the police guarding the event were armed. It also looks like our baddies didn’t have the explosives and automatic weapons that the Paris shooters had. Which is odd when you compare Texas weapons laws and France’s. 

And CNN is doing it’s hand-wringing that the group sponsoring the event, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, is considered an anti-Muslim group by the SPLC. Because holding a “Draw Mohammed” contest is so much worse than attempted murder. I’m almost surprised the CNN article’s headline isn’t that the AFDI deserved to have their members shot.