On the same weekend as the NRA Annual Meeting, I get a mailer from the NRA. Usually I toss them into the shredder, but I opened this one. It’s an offer for NRA members for the SimpliSafe security system. Now, that tickles the back of my memory. Wait, this is the company that tells people on its blog not to use weapons to protect themselves.

“3. Unless you are a trained professional, don’t grab a weapon. This includes firearms, baseball bats and pepper spray. They all sound like a good idea, but again, we don’t know how the burglar will react to seeing an armed person. If they do have a weapon, they may be more likely to use it when they see you have one too. If you use pepper spray in an enclosed space, you and your family will also be affected by the pepper spray. If you use another weapon, such as a firearm and are not a trained professional, you run the risk of hurting yourself or a family member. And when a weapon is in your hand, you also run the risk of arriving police officers mistaking you for the intruder!”


ReallY? Even though thousands of people protect their home from invaders every year using firearms?

Granted, the blog post is a couple of years old, but I’m not seeing anything on their blog that contradicts the above advice.

I’m not about to cancel my NRA membership, but would someone up in Atlanta ask the leadership why they decided to partner with SimpliSafe?