1. Confederate statues – I think they should be taken down. People shouldn’t be forced to pay for art that is offensive, whether it be a statue of a fighter for slavery or a jar of piss with a cross in it.

That being said, if local groups want to raise funds and move the statues to private property and spend their own money on upkeep, go ahead.

And yes, I’ve seen the George Orwell quote ad nauseam. First, if you want to remember your history, pay for it. Also, there’s how many books, films, and Wikipedia articles of the Civil War?

2. President Trump – Bumbled a golden opportunity to support free speech and decry the violence on both sides. Instead he gave the packs of jackels everything they wanted. Because he’s such a mealy mouthed boor with no articulable values, everyone gets to project their desires onto him and read into his words what they want. And would someone on his team get him off Twitter?

3. The “Alt-Right” coalition – A pathetic bunch of losers following dead religions in hopes of some relevance. Everyone thinks Trump emboldened them (including themselves), but really it was the left’s hatred of Trump and need to link him with scum that shone a big limelight on these pathetic losers. (Tikinacht? Really? Who thought this was a good idea?)

Oh and to the “alt-right,” even though I’ll defend your right to peaceably assemble and spew their brain dead dogma, please don’t confuse that with agreement. Any of you who raise a hand to my friends that you consider “subhuman” will quickly find yourself stopped with all legal and necessary force. And I really don’t give a damn if you survive the experience.

4. The “Ctrl-Left” / Antifa / Counterprotesters – They are not righteous heroes, but rather the flip-side of the alt-right. They have no problem with violence against those who disagree with them and also subscribe to discredited religions.(Seriously, the communist regimes made Hitler look like a piker when it came to state-sponsored mass murder.)

Your temper tantrums do not make you look like valiant, they make you look like thugs. If you want to be taken seriously, stop.

Same warning as above in regards to threats to my friends you don’t like.

5. The Media – Yes, you hate Trump. We get it. We also get that you have the attention span of a cocaine-infused ferret. Your breathless reporting of anything that can be remotely considered bad for the administration is tiring and unhelpful.

Fox, you’re the inverse, except just as tiring and unhelpful.