J.Kb over at Gun Free Zone wonders how the Jax shooter legally purchased his guns considering he’d been committed to a mental institution by his parents. My guess is that his commitment was as a minor and not included in NICS.

In a spite of principle, the ACLU defends the NRA against New York Gov Cuomo’s attacks on the NRA to obtain basic financial services. Or, the ACLU realizes if this isn’t challenged, the same tactic could be turned against them.

David French over at National Review opines on the danger of private sector gun control, particularly those who are designed to strangle the gun industry.

There was some pushback on those policies when Louisiana told BOA and Citi that they couldn’t participate because of their anti-gun policies.

This last isn’t strictly gun news, but it’s come about because of active shooter fears. The Wirecutter, which is my favorite review site, put up its recommendations for see-through backpacks for security theater.