1. Much to The Wife’s relief, I decided against wearing a kilt. The weather would have been fine for it, but the idea of catching hot brass on the shin? Yeah, I decided to play it safe.

  2. Borepatch managed to secure the private range with both pistol and rifle ranges. Very nice. Very spacious. His lovely wife laid out a wonderful spread that I happily partook of.

  3. Divemedic was nice enough to give the group a medical briefing. Including showing how to use a tourniquet, chest seal, and quick clot. Now I want to take a full first aid course again.

  4. Miguel was running an El Presidente drill, but I didn’t participate because…

  5. I brought my grandpa’s M1 carbine out to play. The story is that Grandpa bought the M1 from the same mailing house where Oswald bought his Carcano. Not sure about the veracity, but I’m not going to probe too hard. I picked up a couple of magazines for the M1 at a past gun show and gave them a workout. One ran fine. The other needs further testing. Unfortunately, with the scarceness of 30 carbine ammo, that’s not going to happen soon. Rattus also cheerfully info-loaded me about my M1 carbine and where I could locate additional magazines.

  6. Bottom line, I had a shit ton of fun. And I’m looking forward to the next one. I think Borepatch is aiming for a fall date because one during the summer would be "too hot." Hopefully, I’ll have my new rifle. Maybe. Fucking roofs.