Reason links time!

Who came to Florida during COVID? Here’s an infographic.

Ohio town is charging $100 to challenge traffic tickets.

Ground News has a collection of articles on how scientists used CRISPR to develop a promising new therapy for sickle-cell anemia.

Now switching to some gun news.

The Reload has an article on the newest gun control bill introduced in Congress. Okay, it’s poorly written and would ban just about every gun sold right now, but it’s an interesting change of tactics by our opponents.

TFB is reporting that there might be a shortage of gunpowder in the next year. May be time to stock up.

Firearms News is reporting that the Broomhandle Mauser turned into Han Solo’s blaster sold for a cool mill, and made it into Guinness.

Hasbro has discontinued their Selfie Series. I’m glad I got mine, but I was hoping to get another.