I had a bunch of links collected that I haven’t had a chance to put into Monday Links. Since this week’s Monday post was the 2023 wrap-up, I decided to just clear out all my tabs.

Per tradition, we clear out all of the Reason links.

First is an examination of Colorado removing Trump from the primary ballot. For the record, I think this was a bad move – mostly because there’s been no conviction of incitement or related charge. And that’s not even touching my issues with how we do primaries.

Let’s continue with populist leaders, and a rebuttal of Tucker Carlson’s attack on Dollar Stores.

Florida’s leaders are becoming more and more hostiles to immigrants.

Tens of thousands of students haven’t returned to public school since the shutdowns. And no one knows where they all went.

Magazine bans hurt those who want to defend themselves. This is a talking point that needs to be rebutted, as it seems like a reasonable issue to most non-gun folks.

The St. Louis attorney who used an old-school AR to fend off protestors in his gated community can’t get his guns returned. The dude’s an asshole, but he did nothing wrong – at least legally speaking. This is one of those fears that if the police get our guns for any reason – evidence, malicious red-flagging, etc – we will never get them back.

A case for letting foreign-flagged airlines service domestic air routes.

This is a personal issue. Who created the Cuban sandwich? How can anyone take Miami’s claim seriously. They don’t even use yellow rice for their arroz con pollo.

Now for some Ground News compilations.

There was a record drop in homicides for 2023. The article cites success of gun control. Um, no. This is regression to the mean after the insanity of 2020 and the aftershocks.

It looks like Steamboat Willy will enter public domain.

NASA demonstrates how to use a laser for extremely long distance streaming. By sending a cat video nineteen million miles.

Now on to the rest of the links in no particular order.

Gunsamerica has a checklist on what to look for in trainers to avoid bullshido. I’m pretty sure this is a h/t to Tam.

Bloomberg reports that the FTC has banned Rite Aid from using AI-powered facial recognition on customers. Apparently, there were a lot of folks falsely flagged as potential shoplifters.

Techcrunch has an article on music creation coming to Microsoft’s Co-Pilot.

The Intercept has a profile on FBI and NYPD entrapping someone they called a terrorist. This kind of shit is how you get degradation of trust.

War is Boring takes a look at how the crash of a V-22 Osprey could endanger the Army’s new tiltrotor.

Finally, The Firearms Blog discusses the passing of Gaston Glock.