Back in late March / early April, I picked up a Smith and Wesson FPC. Because I’ve wanted a PCC that will take my M&P mags. I wasn’t too fond of the form factor as compared to an AR-pattern PCC. But it was a PCC that took my mags and priced at less than a grand. I couldn’t pass that up.

Life happened, and I wasn’t able to take the new gun out to the range until last weekend. Finding a range around Ward Manor is… difficult. We have some, but let’s just say many are very old-school. BIL and I went to one nearby called Bullseye. One of my former bosses raved about it, so we decided to go. It’s pistol only. More to the point, it’s pistol caliber only. They didn’t blink at my FPC.

Now, on to the shooting review. The gun handled well. The trigger was just like my sidearm with a pretty distinct reset. The damn thing ate all the ammo I fed it, including my IMI “problem child” 9mm. Based on what David from ACP said, I was a little concerned about the FPC feeding from my first gen mags. No issues. The only quibble I had with the gun was what would be the slide release on a pistol. It’s extremely stiff to the point it was easier to just run the charging handle instead. To be fair, I have the same issue on my sidearm and end up sling-shotting the slide.

My other issue was the Sig Romeo sight. The dot kept going all over the damn place. I don’t know if it was me or the sight, but I’ve been hearing about issues with Sig red dots. I’m going to re-zero the thing and try again. If not, I’ll swap it out for something else.