Going to be shorter this week. We start off with Reason.

Reporting on Dr. Faucci’s latest appearance before Congress. It will probably be a generation for us to get a real accounting of the mistakes surrounding COVID. If Faucci’s hubris is not included, I will be very surprised.

A trio of senators want to mandate insurance coverage for IVF. Because health insurance isn’t expensive enough. Now you want to make them cover even more expensive treatments. How about a bill to decouple health insurance from employment and let insurers sell policies across state lines? Then let folks make the decision as to what coverages they need/want.

The Maldives have decided to deny entry to anyone with an Israeli passport. Really, because that’s going to do something?

Now on to other stories.

From Ground News, an aggregation on Boeing’s new spacecraft lifting off. I like the idea of competition in the space realm. Not sure I’d trust Boeing considering it’s recent troubles.

Streamlight has an article on travelling with flashlights. Personally, for travel through the airport, I keep a small Streamlight in my pocket. My Pro-Tac’s get packed away in my checked luggage.

After all of the rigamarole surrounding Disney and the State of Florida, the new entity has agreed on a fifth park. This is really a case of business as usual once the politics of the day subsides.

For our last entry, I have this nifty video from TFB.