This week’s going to be heavy with Volokh Conspiracy / Reason links due to the handing down of some major Supreme Court decisions. I might make a roundup of the court post later this week or next after I’ve had some time to digest as well as to listen to more knowledgeable folks. But, let’s go ahead and get started.

First, more on Rahimi’s impact on Bruen.

Next, about the outrage surrounding USSC reaffirming the right to jury trials for cases with significant penalties.

Of course, a lot of folks are celebrating the official overturn of Chevron Deference, but it may not be the silver bullet some believe.

An article looking at Florida’s response to citrus canker and the people who suffered.

Baltimore is using a cell phone hacking service again.

From the local news station, but widely carried, many nations’ Olympics teams – including the US – are bringing their own AC’s to Paris. Because the Frenchies decreed AC was bad and against their carbon goals.

WSJ (paywall warning) has a story about how delivery drivers got their wages raised by government fiat, and now they have less orders to deliver.

Sora News is reporting that a reboot of Ranma 1/2 is in the works. I’m kinda curious because this was one of the series that got me into anime as anime – and not a Saturday-morning cartoon.